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"Yes for FUSD" is an all-volunteer grassroots organization formed to protect our public schools through local  bond and override elections.     
This site will provide you with general information about bond and override measures, as well as important information about local elections as soon as they are scheduled.  

We anticipate that the FUSD Board will announce both a bond and override measure as early as Fall of 2018. 

In 2014, local voters approved the renewal of a 7 year 15% maintenance and operations (M&O) override.  This override funding will remain in place until 2019, unless it is renewed.

In 2012, voters approved a $23.5 million bond for technology and capital purchases.  The district is in its final years of spending those elected funds, which are monitored by the FUSD Bond Oversight Committee (BOC).  

Both bonds and overrides are  temporary measures and are typically renewed periodically in order to provide financial stability for districts.  Stay tuned for announcements on future election schedules and opportunities to help support FUSD's students, staff, and programs. 


Everyone—not just parents—has a stake in the success of public schools. When schools are strong and students succeed, everyone benefits.

  • Good schools are good business—they attract employers, strengthen the local economy, and enhance property values. 
  • Good schools ensure our students will be prepared to keep our nation competitive in a global economy.
  • Good schools keep the American Dream alive with an opportunity for every child to receive a world-class education.
  • Good schools keep the quality of life in a community high by producing citizens who pay taxes and obey the law.Good schools teach students from all backgrounds how to live and participate in our democracy.

To learn more about everything from school finance to Arizona's teacher shortage, please visit AZEDNEWS for cool, easy-to-understand infographics.